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The price of a solar PV system will depend on its size (kWp/kilowatt peak) and quality. The best solar PV panels are the ones that produce the highest percentage of usable electricity, in other words they have the highest conversion percentage rate.

As with most things, you get what you pay for. So you should ideally choose a brand which has a good reputation and is known for its reliability and build quality. Brands our installers offer include LG, Canadian Solar, Risen and JA Solar.

We only use Tier 1 manufactured products for our installations from companies that meet the following criteria:

  • Manufacturers that have been creating solar PV panels for 5 years or more
  • Companies that are either listed on the stock exchange or have a strong and stable balance sheet
  • Suppliers with fully automated production and a high degree of vertical integration

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Solar panels generate clean energy during the day but if it isn't used as it is generated, this energy is exported to the grid. You can sleep a little easier knowing you are maximising the value of your solar investment. With a GivEnergy Battery, you can store excess energy you generate from solar during the day, to give you access to clean, free energy at night.

Energy storage is a relatively new and often confusing industry, with lots of conflicting information available online. We’ve put together this guide to cover the most frequently asked questions and help you understand exactly what to expect from GivEnergy solar batteries.

The most important factor to consider when choosing a battery is sizing a.k.a. capacity. The size of the battery you need depends on how much solar power you are generating, how much of it you consume and how much energy you use in your home. The range of GivEnergy Batteries have been designed with the UK household in mind.

Solar Panel Battery
Brand – GivEnergy

GivEnergy is a manufacturer of electronic equipment designed to manage energy use and production. Their systems are ideal for storing excess-generated power from solar, wind and other varieties of renewable energy.

Key Features:

  • The safest cell technology on the market
  • New improved Technology - Higher Capacity than competitors
  • Minimised heat build-up
  • Fully Recyclable
  • NON flammable, as they DO NOT contain Cobalt
  • Non-toxic
  • Each cell can be individually balanced, whereas other battery packs only monitor Pack voltage, not cell voltage
  • UK technical backup and support
  • A 10-year warranty
  • They operate at a wide temperature range (-20 to +55)
  • Can be charged by Solar, Wind, Hydro
  • High efficiency-92.5% (Hybrid technology)
  • iPhone App for end-user monitoring
  • Can be installed outdoors
  • New Ultra intelligent EMS (Energy Management System)


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